Nacho Fries a hit at Taco Bell, but KFC drags Yum Brands

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Burger King – Chicken Fries Commercial

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KFC UK promotes, in a hilarious new advert, the KFC Ricebox, containing the same great Original Recipe chicken, just with rice instead of fries. The second spot, titled “Lunchtime is coming”, features the lunchtime rush at a KFC restaurant, where a hungry horde orders chicken with fries.

Learn the secrets to the best oven French fries ever. Tasty, crispy, healthy and did I say easy. Now you can do it too. September 23, , Updated and republished with added more discussion and re-edited photos. And I added some dog love with a flashback dog picture at bottom of page. All the food blogs have oven baked french fries recently. I what relatively simple prep and even simpler cooking. But I want crispy and tasty too. My Rating A darn good fry.

I ended up at convection. I think convection is important if you are using the rack not to have to flip the fries. The potatoes must be soaked, rinsed and then dried or they will just be a mushy mess.

Burger King Chicken Fries TV Commercial, ‘Date’

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Come and try the thick-cut, baked sweet potato fries, and meet the people who make your burger fresh on the grill in front of you. Gabby’s, Humphreys St, Nashville, TN, .

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Holland offers your old-time favorites when it comes to burgers, pizza and coffee and even Wok to Walk. And they are very faithful to the worldwide menu. McDonald restaurants are all over the Netherlands.

Burger King’s Chicken Fries. Culture > Burger King’s Chicken Fries. Posted on August 5, in Culture, Food, Reviews. Last week, my cousin Jason and I saw the commercial for these new Chicken Fries from Burger King. We vowed we would try them the very next day for lunch, which we did.

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Cue the Flying Pigs:

Chicken Fries That Go Crunch — And Won’t Turn Your Fingers Orange

Get more Spoon in your feed. That email doesn’t look right. By adding your email you agree to get updates about Spoon University Healthier Burger King is storming into summer with a new take on one of their most iconic menu items. Friends, meet the new Crispy Pretzel Chicken Fries. The “fries” are the same skinny chicken fingers you’ve come to crave, but they’re rolled in salty seasoned pretzel breading.

Sign in today and you’ll see an option for free Burger King Pretzel Chicken Fries on the home screen.

Lindsay Lohan doesn’t’ want to do a Burger King commercial for their delicious chicken fries. Lindsay Lohan doesn’t’ want to do a Burger King commercial for their delicious chicken fries. The flame-haired actress was asked to wear a Spicy Chicken Fries box, smoke a chicken fry like a cigarette, and vamp a “spicy” monologue.

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Watch video · About Burger King Chicken Fries TV Commercial, ‘Date’ Chicken’s psyching herself up in the mirror, because she’s got a hot date with french fries. Much to her father’s dismay.

Following Chicken Fries’ discontinuation, there was a call for the product’s reinstatement from fans of the product on forums such as Reddit ; Business Insider noted that they are one of the 17 most requested fast products that people would like to see returned to menus. Perez Hilton ‘s web site declared that Chicken Fries are one product of many that will never come back, [10] while comedian Daniel Tosh featured a skit during one of the segments of his show, Tosh.

There was disappointment from these groups as well because of the product’s status as a limited time offering. In its third-quarter earnings report, Burger King admitted that the massive social media attention was one of the primary reasons it brought the product back. The positive reaction to the reintroduction included over one million mentions on Twitter.

This tied into a major push by the company to utilize social media as a free marketing tool to millennials , who overwhelmingly utilize interactive media to communicate and prefer companies that utilize these tools. During the previous few months leading up to the reintroduction of Chicken Fries, the available cattle stocks had declined since the USDA began record keeping in This shortage of ground beef caused a spike in the price of beef to all-time highs in June , according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Two major competitors had been revamping their menus with products such as variations on the McDouble from McDonald’s and sandwiches based on pretzel-style buns from Wendy’s. The limited-time offers allow chains to bring “new” product the menu without adding permanent complexity to their kitchen operations. The reintroduction was a resounding success for the company, helping Burger King achieve domestic same-store comparable sales rise of 3.

Lunchtime is coming…

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